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Agricultural Communications

Bringing science to stories about agriculture and the environment

These days, “agriculture” is more than growing crops and raising animals. It encompasses meeting the food, fiber, and biofuels requirements of a growing world, and doing so sustainably while minimizing adverse environmental impact.

There is a great need to tell stories about agriculture and the environment in ways that incorporate scientific discoveries. At the same time, new and emerging media are redefining the field of communication. The intersection of these two trends creates the need for a special kind of communicator—one with a deep knowledge of food, agriculture, energy, people, and the environment and with the skill set to thrive in a changing media environment.

Agricultural Communications at Illinois is the only program in the country that interweaves the study of agricultural and environmental sciences with that of journalism, advertising, public relations, marketing, multimedia communications, and more. Students access scholarships, internships, study abroad, career services, and research opportunities offered by two colleges—the College of ACES and the College of Media.

Students choose one of two communication concentrations—Advertising and Journalism—which they apply to subject areas related to food, feed, fiber, renewable energy, natural resource management, rural development, law, and policy—locally and globally. Students learn more than skills—they become experts in communication strategy.

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