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Degree Programs

Undergraduate Majors

Programs emphasizing practical application and real-world solutions

Our studies are rooted in research to deliver solutions for challenges in food, agriculture, environment, family and community. With 11 different majors and a variety of concentrations, our students are able to tailor their education to fit their goals.

At ACES, you’ll earn more than a degree. You will leave with confidence, optimism and a positive career outlook. Our graduation and retention rates are the highest among competitive schools and our graduate job placement is 87%

Graduate Degrees

Expand your knowledge

The College of ACES creates new technologies, develops new processes and changes standards across a range of disciplines through our groundbreaking research. Explore our traditional master's and Ph.D. programs to see how you can become a part of that research.

We also offer online and professional degrees that could be the ideal fit for working professionals looking to get ahead in their field.

ACES Minors

A minor constitutes a coherent program of study requiring some depth in the subject but not as extensive a program as the major. In general, minors consist of at least 16 and no more than 21 hours of coursework.