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Sierra Schreiber

Sierra Schreiber, a junior in Animal Sciences, is active as a departmental student ambassador, a member of the Meats Judging Team, and a part-time worker at the campus dairy farm. She enjoys the flexibility of molding her degree to fit her interests. 

“You get to choose how much ‘science’ you want to put into your Animal Sciences degree. For instance, I really like science and understanding how we use and apply the scientific method to learn about our world to improve it, and Animal Sciences provides elective courses in reproductive biology, nutrition, genetics, and more,” Sierra says. “However, if you are more interested in the management side of things, there are courses where you can learn more about policies concerning dogs and cats or different aspects of managing a horse farm.”

As a member of the Meats Judging Team, Sierra travels throughout the country to evaluate carcasses and various cuts of meat. She says this experience has given her a keener understanding of animal agriculture. 

“Meats judging interests me because I frequently get questions from people about animal agriculture— humane treatment on farms, antibiotics, etc.,” says Sierra. “Being involved with the Meats Judging Team lets me learn more about the animal industry and allows me to be more informed and more accurately answer questions when talking to people outside of this field.”

Being an Animal Sciences Ambassador allows Sierra to connect with former and current students to share what the department has to offer. 

“My involvement as an ambassador helps me improve my leadership and communication skills,” Sierra says. “More importantly, it allows me to give back to the department that has helped me achieve my goals and given so much to me.”  

Outside of being involved in animal sciences activities at Illinois, Sierra manages to find time to participate in one of her favorite hobbies. 

“On the occasion that I can find time, I like to go to a Spanish or Korean language table. Languages are my reprieve when I need a break from all my academic activities!”


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