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Why does your organization want Illinois talent?

Illinois graduates are changing the world. Our innovative spirit and pioneering research tackle global problems and expand the human experience. Our students thrive on transformative learning experiences that drive them to make significant societal impact. Illinois students are recruited to become an organization's future leaders. Recruit at Illinois to build your talent pipeline.

Getting Started Recruiting ACES Students

For top talent, hire ACES graduates.

If you are interested in recruiting ACES students or alumni to work for your company, start by registering as an employer user with ACES Career Services in Handshake @ Illinois our online recruiting platform. To target current students as well as recent graduates and experienced professionals, select ACES Career Services as your primary recruiting office. The University of Illinois is part of the NACElink Network OneStop, which allows you to streamline your recruiting operations and synchronize log-in information across all school systems to reach students and alumni at over 600 member schools.