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Handshake @ Illinois is the online job board and career services system used by students and alumni. Use this tool to find jobs, learn about employers, and attend career fairs.

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Handshake @ Illinois Policies

ACES Student Use Handshake Policy

The use of Handshake @ Illinois is a privilege for our students. Students are required to be honest with their information. If their status changes (GPA, major, seeking employment, etc.) they should take steps to correct the information. If any student is found in breach of the student code, they may be disciplined, including losing Handshake privileges.

Missing an Interview

Any student who is interviewing on the U of I campus must abide by the host office interviewing policy. For our office, if you need to cancel an interview due to an emergency, contact the recruiter immediately and follow-up with an apology email. The appropriate career service office must be copied (cc’d) on the email. If you have questions, contact your career services office during business hours.

Reneging on an Offer

Reneging is to refuse to do something that you promised to do. For example, if you accept a job or internship offer and later decide not to take the offer, you are reneging. Reneging is professionally damaging in several ways. First, the employer that you initially accepted the offer from will not likely want to hire you in the future. Second, when you renege on an offer to accept another one, you are taking the opportunity away from another student. Third, you have damaged your integrity which is indispensable for a good career. Fourth, your actions reflect negatively on the university which may make an employer reconsider recruiting at our school. At the University of Illinois, the career services team takes the subject of reneging very seriously. Repercussions include, but not limited to, losing Handshake access and potentially career services assistance.