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A Few Ways to Connect with Employers

Career Fairs

Any career fair sponsored by University of Illinois Career Services offices' are open to students of all majors. One of the best ways to make yourself known is to attend a career fair and meet employers. Face-to-face interactions are valuable because they create a more lasting impression than an email. Be sure to visit Handshake @ Illinois and review the "Career Fairs" tab on the left hand side column to know when the career fairs are being held. You can find information at our Twitter feed as well--@ACESCareerServ.


Information Sessions

Some employers develop information sessions to meet students. Prior to attending do your best to understand the employer, their product line, and positions that they seek. Showing up to information sessions with some facts about the company, can make a terrific impression on a recruiter. In Handshake @ Illinois select "Search Events" for these kinds of sessions.


You never know who you will meet, when you will meet them. By volunteering, you can demonstrate your work ethic and skills which can impress an employer.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing provides an opportunity for you to learn about an employer or career but it also provides an employer an opportunity to meet you. Be sure to use Handshake @ Illinois to see ACES Job Shadow postings during Winter Break.

Professional Meetings

Attending a conference or a chapter meeting in your professional area can help develop your network. Many of these meetings provide on-site interviews or new member orientation. Be sure to learn about the professional organization in your area so that you can increase your network.

Special Events

Your college and university offer special events which include employers and alumni. Be sure to attend a special event to make connections for your professional future. In Handshake @ Illinois select "Search Events" for these kinds of sessions.