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ACES Study Abroad Scholarships

ACES Arlys Conrad Study Abroad Planning Scholarship

Planning to study abroad but concerned that you may not be able to afford it? We understand that financial concerns may keep you from actually considering it. Now you can apply for financial support up to two years in advance of your planned study abroad experience! So ACES students should go ahead an apply for the ACES study abroad planning scholarship!

Applications for the planning scholarship are accepted on a rolling basis. The planned study abroad experience can be as far out as 3 years, but no more than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the program abroad. For example, a student planning to study abroad in Spring 2014 can apply as early as June 2011. Another example: a student going abroad on a winter break program must apply for the scholarship by November 20 to be considered.

Applicants will be notified of the award decision in writing. The award will typically be given during the term that the student is abroad and can only be used towards an approved study abroad program, i.e., programs listed at The cost of the program and financial need eligibility as documented through the University of Illinois’ Office of Student Financial Aid will be taken into account in awarding this scholarship. Scholarships will range between $250 - $2000, depending on program duration and overall costs. Arlys Conrad awardees usually cannot also receive any of the other ACES study abroad scholarships.

The scholarship amount will depend on financial need and on the duration of the program. Guidelines:

  • $ 250 for a study tour (1-2 weeks)
  • $ 500 for a faculty led program that is longer than 2 weeks
  • $ 700 for a summer program or internship (4 weeks or longer)
  • $1,000 for a semester abroad
  • $2,00 for an academic year abroad

In return for the scholarship, awardees are expected to: 

  • submit biweekly journals from abroad
  • prepare an evaluation of or report on the study abroad experience
  • attend the study abroad returnee workshop
  • help out at informational events like the Study Abroad Fair and ExplorACES

Awardees are expected to give back to the scholarship program by encouraging other students to study abroad.

AYRE International Research and Learning Fellowships (Graduate students) or Scholarships (Undergraduate students)

Through the generous support from the Robert and Barbara AYRE farm income, funding is now available to support graduate student learning and research experiences abroad! AYRE awardees usually cannot also receive any of the other ACES study abroad scholarships.

Application Procedure

  • Applicants must submit a two-page proposal to the ACES Study Abroad Office. This proposal must include a description of the project, research, demonstration, or course work to be conducted abroad. Financial support in the order of $300-500 for attending conferences abroad may also be requested but such proposals will be given lower priority than longer periods abroad.
  • In the proposal, the applicant needs to explain how the proposed project, research, demonstration, or course work abroad pertains to areas of research or teaching conducted in his/her department.
  • The proposal must include a detailed budget, which also depicts other sources of funding available (e.g., departmental support, personal funds).
  • A letter of reference from a faculty member must faccompany the application. In this letter, the faculty member is asked to evaluate the student’s proposal, his/her academic record as well as the promise of success of the applicant in his/her chosen profession.

Applications are accepted once a semester. Please check back for dates and a new application process.

Next Steps

  1. The decision on the application will be communicated to the applicant in writing within two weeks of the ACES Study Abroad Office receiving the proposal.
  2. Awardees will receive the scholarship through their U of I student account, i.e., no checks are issued.
  3. Awardees must comply with study abroad related risk management procedures. This includes:
    Compliance with U of I  travel policy (
    Mandatory coverage through CISI emergency medical insurance ($20.50 for up to two weeks abroad, $28.50 for up to four weeks, $67 for up to 10 weeks, $115 for up to 6 months - this will be charged to the student's UIUC account)
    Registration with the campus study abroad office ($25 administrative fee). Registration will be handled by the ACES Study Abroad Office.
  4. Consultation with the McKinley Travel Clinic for students going to tropical and sub-tropical, or less developed countries.
  5. Awardees will receive informational material from the ACES Study Abroad Office, e.g., the CISI card and brochure and on how to stay safe and healthy abroad.
  6. Awardees are responsible for booking their own flights and making arrangements for ground transportation and accommodation in the host country.

Funding Schedule

The amount awarded depends on the duration of the experience, but also on the actual cost of the planned experience as documented in the budget. As a guideline the amounts will be:

  • 2 to 4 weeks: $1,000
  • 4 to 8 weeks: $2,000
  • 8 to 12 weeks: $3,000
  • 1 semester or longer: $4,000

Note: These funds are intended especially to encourage those students who have not studied abroad before to at least do so during their graduate studies. Many of our graduate students were born and raised outside the United States and therefore are already having an international experience by being here at Illinois. They are still eligible for support through this fund but only if the proposed research, study, etc. is to be conducted outside their home country and outside the United States.

Other ACES Study Abroad Scholarships (Undergraduate students)


Please contact departments for more information for individual award amounts

  • Mumford Scholarship (ACE Students Only)
  • Crop Sciences- Departmental Study Abroad Scholarships available

Application Forms

  • ACES Study Abroad Application Form- Now available online! Students need only complete one application to be considered for any of the above scholarships.
  • Display Template (PowerPoint)