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The Great Wall of China

Study Abroad

Tracking leopards in South Africa. Collaborating with business executives in Germany. Enjoying “pub grub” in Dublin. Picking avocadoes in Brazil. Whale watching in the Pacific Ocean. Travel the world and reap experiences like these through the ACES Study Abroad program. With 400+ programs in more than 60 countries, what are you waiting for?


Student Experiences

Colby Silvert
ACES offers the support of a tight-knit community on a huge college campus filled with resources for its students. Before coming to the U of I, Canada was the only foreign country I had visited. Now, I have seen much of Latin America through studying abroad, I speak Spanish, and I am ready to see even more of the world.

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only will you improve cross-cultural-communication skills and gain other marketable skills, but you’ll learn how others live, what values they hold and why. You’ll see your own country from a new perspective and begin to appreciate things at home that you may have taken for granted. Study abroad is a time of growth and challenge that takes place in a new and exciting environment.

Arsema Weldu holding a lion cub

Arsema Weldu, a student in animal sciences spent a week at the South African National Parks/Game Reserves.

You can travel the world and reap experiences like these through the ACES Study Abroad program. More than 20 semester-long exchange programs and 15 study tours are led by our faculty. Studying abroad is one of the few things in life that has a nearly 100 percent approval rating—find out why!