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No one can deny the value of a University of Illinois education. Scholarships from the College of ACES can help make your college aspirations and career dreams possible. Each year, over $3.5 million in scholarships supported by generous alumni, corporate sponsors and other supporters are awarded to ACES students.

Student Experiences

Nicole Gross Nicole Gross
I’m honored that my hard work in high school and college is recognized. It also keeps me focused on maintaining good grades and my goal to go on to grad school.

College doesn’t have to be expensive.
ACES offers options.

For many students, scholarships are essential in bridging the gap between a student’s own resources, including savings, earnings, and financial aid in the form of grants and loans, and the full cost of an education. 

People recognize the financial value of scholarships, but often overlook another equally important attribute – a merit-based scholarship is an honor that recognizes students for their efforts and hard work.

ACES students have access to college-wide and department-specific scholarships as well as aid for special purposes like studying abroad.

ACES Aspire Award

The ACES Aspire Award is a new award that honors high-achieving students who exhibit leadership skills with a scholarship award that significantly reduces the cost of tuition.

Applying is simple. No additional paperwork beyond the application for admission is required. Best of all, the ACES Aspire Award is renewable—students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above at Illinois can receive the Aspire Award during each of their 4 years of study.