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Child and Adolescent Development

The child and adolescent development concentration combines course work with practical experience to provide students with a broad base of knowledge regarding the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development of children and adolescents. The diverse types of positions taken by graduates of this concentration include pediatrician, pediatric nurse, early childhood educator, parent educator, child life specialist, adoption caseworker, youth after-school program director, director of a day care center, and more.

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Questions about this concentration can be directed to:

Barbara Anderson 

237 Bevier Hall
905 South Goodwin Avenue
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Career Opportunity Spotlight

Department Head in Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota

Lynne Borden

Human development and family studies graduate Lynne Borden loves learning new things. In her role as department head of Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota, she continues to learn while also helping others find their niche in the college.

“I have two projects: conducting research and outreach on the behalf of military families, and a collaborative project with other faculty at Pennsylvania State University to support children, youth, and families at-risk,” Lynne says. “We provide support over 40 projects, including evaluation and professional development training.”

Lynne is passionate about helping others. Whether through her research or in mentoring others, she is always looking to help. Having great mentors throughout her own life has helped Lynne succeed in her career.

“I’ve tried to help both students and others move forward like people have assisted me, to see if together we can address critical issues in today’s world,” Lynne says. “Being able to think strategically about what the critical issues are and how to address them is vital.”

Learning how to help others tackle such issues is preparation Lynne got in the College of ACES.

“I think I got really good training on how to be part of an academic community in a department working with a number of impressive leaders every day. And they’re incredible role models, too. The people I worked with in HDFS offered a model that I’ve tried replicate for others around me.”

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