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Food Science

In the Food Science concentration, students integrate chemistry, biology, engineering and food systems to create and market new foods, enhance food safety and manage food supply chains. Students complete an approved program to become leaders in the food industry, pharmaceutical and personal care products industries as well as government research institutions.

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Questions about this concentration can be directed to:

Terri Cummings

260 Bevier Hall – MC 182
905 S. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801


Career Opportunity Spotlight

Assistant Professor of Nutrition at the University of Arkansas

Jamie Baum

Jamie was a research scientist in the food industry for nearly five years until she realized she missed being a part of something she was passionate about.

“I missed the research freedom of an academic environment. I also missed working with and mentoring students. I love that I currently teach the introductory to nutrition class that I was a TA for while at the U of I.”

Jamie is so passionate about her job; she says it barely even feels like work.

“What I enjoy most about my job is that it doesn’t feel like work. I wake up every day excited to get to the office. Every day is different, which keeps me motivated and looking forward to work. I love the excitement that comes from implementing new ideas into my research program and getting the results. I also love working with students. It is rewarding to see students you mentor succeed.”

Her education in the Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) program at Illinois is what propelled her to her current career position.

“The U of I experience prepared me for my current job by exposing me to academic rigor and excellence. I didn’t realize it as an undergraduate, but I was taught by some of the leading people in their field and that makes a difference in the quality of education. The Division of Nutritional Sciences is one of the top programs in nutrition in the country and graduating from such a prestigious program has opened a lot of doors for me throughout my career.”

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