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Crop Agribusiness

The perfect blend of business and agriculture, learn about agronomic production and business through classes in plant sciences and finance and management of agricultural enterprises.

  • Crop Agribusiness students are in highly sought after for their dual-focus in crop sciences and business.
  • Students interested in graduate work continue their education in plant sciences or business-related disciplines.
  • Prepares students for a career in crop production and marketing, crop management systems, and many sectors of the agribusiness industry.
  • Graduates from this concentration pursue careers as crop consultants, business and farm managers, land appraisers, land use planners, and marketers of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and seed.

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Questions about this concentration can be directed to

Dr. Fred Kolb
Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator
AE-120 B Turner Hall
(217) 333-4256

Career Opportunity Spotlight

District Seed Sales Manager

Blair Bruns

Growing up in a small central Illinois town, Blair Bruns had close ties to two things: agriculture and the University of Illinois. His passions—for agriculture, for the University of Illinois, and for meeting new people—have been key to his success as a district seed sales manager for LG Seeds.

“I have a genuine passion for learning about people and the stories that have gotten them to where they are,” he says. “Being able to get out and work with a wide variety of people is very rewarding to me, and I think this ties back to having the opportunity to learn alongside such a diverse group of students at the University of Illinois.”

While at the University of Illinois, Blair took full advantage of the opportunities the university had to offer. He was involved in the agricultural fraternity IlliDell of Alpha Gamma Sigma, Orange Krush, and Field & Furrow Club. He was an agronomy trials intern with Pioneer Hi-Bred International and spent the following summer as the northern Illinois sales intern for LG Seeds, which led to his current position in Peoria, Illinois.

“I think the biggest thing that sets the University of Illinois apart is the opportunities that it provides for you,” Blair says. “It sets no boundaries on your experiences and leaves it all up to you to make the most of your student years.”

Blair’s childhood love for the University of Illinois has only grown since he experienced firsthand how the university could help him accomplish his goals.

He says, “Whether it’s studying across the world for a semester, meeting new people of different backgrounds every single day, leading student organizations, the Greek life, or career preparation, every opportunity to maximize your experience and achieve personal and professional growth is there.”



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