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Science, Pre-Veterinary and Medical

This concentration is geared for students interested in attending graduate school or professional training.

This concentration prepares students for careers in:

  • Research in various animal science disciplines including nutrition, reproduction, physiology, and genetics
  • Animal health
  • Veterinary Medicine

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Science, Pre-Veterinary and Medical

Future students please contact:

Katelyn Jones-Hamlow
Department of Animal Sciences
182 Animal Sciences Lab or 217-244-8251

Current students please contact:

Lauren Redman
Department of Animal Sciences
188 Animal Sciences Lab or 217-333-2252

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Associate Large Animal Veterinarian at Mt. Sterling Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Dallas Duncan

Working with cattle can be a difficult job, but Dr. Dallas Duncan loves every minute of it. A favorite part for her is working with cattle producers to see what improvements they can make in herd health to increase production and generate greater revenues.

Looking back, Dallas knows the University of Illinois prepared her well for this career.

“During my summer breaks I was active in internships. I worked on a feedlot at a muscle biology lab at the USDA Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Nebraska; I was an embryologist at the University of Wisconsin bovine reproduction lab; and I worked as a bovine reproduction technician at Trans Ova Genetics in Iowa. I also interned at various veterinary clinics to gain veterinary experience.”

Coming from a small town, Dallas also valued the challenges to work hard that her education provided.

 “U of I was a very challenging experience for me,” Dallas says. “I grew up in a very small, rural community. I graduated high school with 32 students. My U of I experience pushed me to come out of my shell, meet new people, and work hard to find success in a challenging yet rewarding curriculum.”

Stepping out of her shell meant getting involved on campus.

“My favorite part of U of I was being on the judging teams,” Dallas says. “I was involved with the meats team, the meat animal evaluation team, and the livestock judging team. The friendships and business connections I made during judging have greatly benefited me through my career and my personal life.”

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