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Food Animal Production and Management

Students with a concentration in Food Animal Production and Management are most interested in a career in the food animal industry.

This concentration prepares students for careers in:

  • Animal health
  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal production units
  • Animal production agriculture
  • Meat or food procession industries

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Food Animal Production and Management

Future students please contact:

Katelyn Jones-Hamlow
Department of Animal Sciences
182 Animal Sciences Lab or 217-244-8251

Current students please contact:

Lauren Redman
Department of Animal Sciences
188 Animal Sciences Lab or 217-333-2252

Career Opportunity Spotlight

Beef Cattle and Sheep Farm Manager at the University of Illinois

Adam Schroeder

The diversity and the challenges that accompany Adam Schroeder’s work with beef cattle and sheep are his most enjoyable tasks as manager of the University of Illinois beef cattle and sheep farm.

“One minute I can be vaccinating cows, the next building a ration for developing heifers, and the next working on summarizing and analyzing the budget,” Adam says. “While the diverse job responsibilities make managing time and resources difficult, they also make for a very fulfilling career.”

Adam believes classes at the U of I gave him the knowledge base needed to make effective decisions in all aspects of farm management. The coursework he chose included animal sciences, crop sciences, and ag economics. He rounded out his academic work with extracurriculars—namely, the livestock judging team, the meats judging team, and the meat animal evaluation team.

“These activities allowed me to travel across the country and learn about the animal industry and network with other students and industry professionals,” Adam says. “The hands-on, out-of-the-classroom learning activities added invaluable experiences to my education and career preparation.”

Adam also took part in the Dixon Springs Beef Cattle Research Internship, through which he planned and carried out a research project involving beef cattle nutrition. The experience motivated him to pursue a master’s degree and solidified his desire to work in the beef industry. This is the type of opportunity that sets U of I apart from other institutions, Adam believes.

“The options I had both as an undergrad and as a master’s student—to get experience and to network—were unmatched by other institutions,” Adam says. “Judging teams that allowed me to travel the country and evaluate livestock, clubs that helped me meet new friends with similar interests, and internship programs that helped me gain the experience required to get a good job all made my U of I education unique.”

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