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Discovering the creative and account sides of persuasive communication

Students who choose the advertising concentration are exposed to the creative and account dimensions of advertising within businesses, agencies, and the media.

They explore consumer psychology at it relates to food, agriculture, energy, and the environment, and build core competencies (knowledge, experience, analytical skills) necessary in the advertising professions. Students are introduced to the structure, issues, and language of the industry; learn the tools of the industry; and apply these tools to solve real world advertising problems related to agriculture and the environment.

The ag comm curriculum has a strong base of principles and practice that prepare students for internships and careers.

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For more information about the Agricultural Communications Program, please contact
Lulu Rodriguez
Director, Agricultural Communications Program
274 Bevier Hall
905 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana, IL 61801


The Food and Environmental Systems minor

Serving up the technical core

The ag comm curriculum includes a built-in minor in food and environmental systems, which provides scientific and technical grounding. Students take coursework in a variety of scientific and technical subject matter areas, enabling them to develop strengths in animal or crop sciences, food science and human nutrition, natural resources, environmental sciences and policy, agricultural and consumer economics, human development and family studies, or agricultural engineering and technology.

Students also can elect to complete additional minors that expand their knowledge base, provide leadership experience, or bring them to international settings.

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Career Opportunity Spotlight

Marketing Coordinator at Central Illinois Ag

Abby Coers

Anything you might come across related to Central Illinois Ag, a farm equipment dealership, probably originates at the desk of marketing coordinator Abby Coers, an ACES agricultural communications graduate. Abby works on both print and digital media, writes numerous stories, and takes photographs and video for a variety of publications.

Despite the constant change of her day-to-day work, Abby enjoys being creative in her job and starting new projects. Her largest accomplishment so far has been creating the company’s first magazine, Live.Work.Grow.  for dealers, to share what’s going on in the industry as well as with the equipment brand itself.

“Most companies publishing magazines have a project manager, a writer, a photographer, someone selling advertising, and so on. Here, I do it all,” Abby says. “This new 36-page magazine defines our dealership and is now well known to farmers. I really enjoy being able to brainstorm ideas with co-workers and put them to life.”

Being able to start such a large project and see it through from start to finish takes hard work and dedication. As someone who runs a few marathons every year, Abby knows those traits well.

“It’s important to enjoy what you do and work until the job is complete,” Abby says. “I’ve also always enjoyed learning. These traits have taken me far in my profession, because in marketing it’s vital that I understand every aspect of our dealership from the brand to products, parts, service, and advanced technology.”

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