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Internships FAQs

Can I earn academic credit for an internship?

Yes, as long as the activity you're involved in qualifies as an internship and has been approved in advance by your academic advisor and the appropriate departmental internship coordinator.

The amount of credit you may earn in an internship will depend on the amount of time you spend in internship activities and the kind of activities you're involved in. You'll establish the amount of credit you'll earn in consultation with the faculty member who supervises your work.

What kind of activities qualify for a for-credit internship?

Credit-eligible internship activities for ACES majors vary widely. But in general, the majority of the activities you'll be involved in at the internship site must: 1) require or help you build skills you'll need as a professional in your field and 2) be closely supervised by a professional at the internship site. As you arrange your internship with your faculty supervisor and the person who'll supervise you at the internship site, you'll work out a relatively clear picture of what your responsibilities and learning objectives will be.

Who is eligible to complete an internship?

This varies by department and major, so you should contact your academic advisor or the Advising Coordinator in your department. The ACES Career Services Office in 115 ACES Library can also be able to assist in determining eligibility.

How do I arrange an internship?

ACES Career Services Office in 115 ACES Library can assist with arrangements.

What if I've found a promising activity to get involved in but I've already earned the maximum internship hours or the activity doesn't qualify for internship credit?

Go ahead and investigate the activity further. The experience you'll gain and contacts you'll make will be valuable even if you don't earn academic credit. Don't pass up a good thing just because it won't appear on your academic transcript - you'll still be able to include the experience on your resume.

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